Cuauhtémoc Municipality, Chihuahua

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Municipality of Cuauhtémoc in Chihuahua
Municipality of Cuauhtémoc in Chihuahua
Cuauhtémoc is located in Mexico
Location in Mexico
Coordinates: 28°25′N 106°52′W / 28.417°N 106.867°W / 28.417; -106.867Coordinates: 28°25′N 106°52′W / 28.417°N 106.867°W / 28.417; -106.867
Country  Mexico
State Chihuahua
Municipal seat Cuauhtémoc
 • Total 3,018.9 km2 (1,165.6 sq mi)
Population (2010)
 • Total 154,639

Cuauhtémoc is a municipality in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. It was named after the Aztec Indian ruler Cuauhtémoc, which means "aguila que cae" (fallen eagle). The municipality's seat is Cuauhtémoc, Chihuahua. The municipality is located to the west of the Chihuahua's capital city, Chihuahua. There is a close relation between three cultures in this region: Mennonite culture, Tarahumara culture and mestizo culture. Since 1994 there is a multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary arts festival known as "Festival de las Tres Culturas".


As of 2010, the municipality had a total population of 154,639,[1]

As of 2010, the city of Cuauhtémoc had a population of 114,007.[1] Other than the city of Cuauhtémoc, the municipality had 664 localities, the largest of which (with 2010 populations in parentheses) were: Colonia Anáhuac (9,952), classified as urban, and Colonia Obregón (Rubio) (2,241), and La Quemada (1,272), classified as rural.[1]


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