Cuauhtémoc Sandoval Ramírez

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Cuauhtémoc Sandoval Ramírez (August 14, 1950 – February 22, 2012) was a Mexican politician, social anthropologist and founding member of the Party of the Democratic Revolution P.R.D. .[1][2] He was twice elected as a federal deputy and once a Senator. He served in the Mexican congress as Secretary of Foreign Relations, a member of the National Defense Committee and he is on the Population, Borders and Immigration Issues committee. Cuauhtémoc Sandoval Ramírez was the son of Pablo Sandoval Cruz, a distinguished politician in the State of Guerrero (Mexico). He had a degree in Social Anthropology, and was a founding member of the PRD. He is survived by two sons, Ernesto Sandoval Pastrana and Cuauhtémoc Sandoval Pastrana.


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