Cumberland Coalfield

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Map of 19th-century coalfields in Great Britain

The Cumberland Coalfield is a coalfield in Cumbria, north-west England. It extends from Whitehaven in the south to Maryport and Aspatria in the north.[1]


The following coal seams occur within the Coal Measures Group in this coalfield.[2][3] Not all seams are present in any one part of the coalfield:

Middle Coal Measures Formation

  • (series of unnamed coals)
  • Brassy
  • Black Metal
  • Fireclay
  • White Metal
  • Little
  • Slaty
  • Tenquarters
  • Rattler
  • Bannock Band
  • Main Band
  • Lower Metal
  • Yard Cannel Band
  • Yard
  • Lower Yard

There is also a Crow seam between the Metal and Bannock seams.

Lower Coal Measures Formation

  • Half Yard
  • Two Foot
  • Little Main
  • Eighteen Inch
  • Lickbank
  • Sixquarters
  • Parrot
  • Upper Threequarters Rider
  • Upper Threequarters
  • Lower Threequarters
  • Upper Albrighton
  • Middle Albrighton
  • Lower Albrighton
  • Harrington Four Foot

Towards the top of the underlying Stainmore Formation (or Hensingham Formation), which is of Namurian age, are the:

  • Udale Coal
  • Bedlam Gill Coal
  • (unnamed coals)

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Coordinates: 54°38′19″N 3°28′34″W / 54.6387°N 3.4760°W / 54.6387; -3.4760