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Developer(s)David Braam, Ultimaker
Stable release
4.0 / March 19, 2019; 2 days ago (2019-03-19)
Written inC++, Python, QML
Operating systemWindows, macOS, Linux
Available in15 languages
List of languages
English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Finnish, Brazilian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese
Type3D printer slicing application
LicenseFree and open-source LGPLv3

Cura is an open source 3D printer slicing application.[1] It was created by David Braam who was later employed by Ultimaker, a 3D printer manufacturing company, to maintain the software. Cura is available under LGPLv3 license.[2] Cura was initially released under the open source Affero General Public License version 3, but on 28 September 2017 the license was changed to LGPLv3.[3] This change allowed for more integration with third-party CAD applications.[4] Development is hosted on GitHub.[2] Ultimaker Cura is used by over one million users worldwide and it is the preferred 3D printing software for Ultimaker 3D printers, but it can be used with other printers as well.[5][4]

Technical Specifications[edit]

View of STL file in Ultimaker Cura

Ultimaker Cura works by slicing the user’s model file into layers and generating a printer-specific g-code. Once finished, the g-code can be sent to the printer for the manufacturing the physical object.[6]

The open source software is compatible with most desktop 3D printers can work with files in the most common 3D formats such as STL, OBJ, X3D, 3MF as well as image file formats such as BMP, GIF, JPG, and PNG.[6]

Major software versions[edit]

7-Jun-2016 Ultimaker announced the new Cura major release 2.1.2, superseding the previous 15.04.6 version (note the non-sequentiality in the major version numbers).[7]

Sept 2016 Version 2.3 was a major release. It includes new printing profiles, slicing features, as well as increasing speed. It also supported the dual extrusion possible with the Ultimaker 3 model[8]

17-Oct-2017 The current major version, Version 3.0 updated the user interface and allowed for CAD integration. This was the first version with plugin support.[9]

Nov 2017 - Cura Connect was released to enable users to control, monitor, and configure a group of network-enabled 3D printers from a single interface.[10]

October 2018 - Beginning with version 3.5, all files are saved in the 3MF format for improved compatibility with other 3D software. Hotkeys were introduced as well as a searchable profile guide. [11]

Nov 2018 - Version 3.6 introduced material profile support for materials made by major manufacturers such as BASF, DuPont, Clariant, and other members of the Materials Alliance Program[12] consortium. [13]

Note: starting with Cura version 3.1, USB connected printers are supported. If you have a USB only printer or wish to use USB connectivity, Cura 3.1 or later must be used.[14]


Screen of Cura on a MAC computer

Release 3.0 introduced plugin capability. Users can develop their own plugins or use plugins commercially available. Plugins simplify workflow for users by allowing them to quickly perform tasks like opening a file from a menu or exporting a file from an application.[15]

Current plugins include: SolidWorks, Siemens NX, HP 3D Scanning, MakePrintable.[16][17][18]

Printer support[edit]

Cura supports includes the following printers:[5]

  • All Ultimaker printers
  • 101Hero
  • 3DMaker Starter
  • 3Dator
  • ABAX PRi3
  • ABAX PRi5
  • ABAX Titan
  • ALYA
  • AXPRO D7 series
  • BFB
  • BlackBelt
  • BQ Hephestos 2
  • BQ Prusa i3 Hephestos
  • BQ Prusa i3 Hephestos XL
  • BQ Witbox
  • BQ Witbox 2
  • Builder Premium Large
  • Builder Premium Medium
  • Builder Premium Small
  • Cartesio
  • Creality CR-10
  • Creality CR-10 S4
  • Creality CR-10 S5
  • Creality Ender-3
  • Dagoma DiscoEasy200
  • Delta Go
  • DeltaBot
  • Deltacomb 3D
  • EastArts Ares
  • FABtotum Personal Fabricator
  • Folger Tech FT-5
  • German RepRap Neo
  • Hello BEE Prusa
  • IMADE3D JellyBOX
  • Innovo INVENTOR
  • Julia
  • Kemiq Q2 Beta
  • Kemiq Q2 Gama
  • Kossel Mini
  • Kossel Pro
  • Kupido
  • MAKEiT Pro-L
  • MakeiT Pro-M
  • MakerBotReplicator
  • Malyan M180
  • Mankati Fullscale XT Plus
  • Mendel90
  • Peopoly Moai
  • Printrbot Play
  • Printrbot Play (Heated Bed)
  • Printrbot Simple
  • Printrbot Simple Metal Extended
  • Prusa i3
  • Prusa i3 Mk2
  • Prusa i3 XL
  • Punchtec Connect XL
  • Raise3D N2 Dual
  • Raise3D N2 Plus Dual
  • Raise3D N2 Plus Single
  • Raise3D N2 Single
  • Renkforce RF100
  • Rigid3D
  • Rigid3D 3rdGen
  • Rigid3D Hobby
  • Rigid3D Zero
  • Rigid3D Zero2
  • RigidBot
  • RigidBotBig
  • RoVa3D
  • Robo 3D R1
  • Tevo Tarantula
  • Tevo Tornado
  • Type A Machines Series 1 2014
  • Vertex Delta K8800
  • Vertex K8400
  • Vertex K8400 Dual
  • Zone3d Printer
  • makeR Pegasus
  • makeR Prusa Tairona i3

Cura can also be customised to support printers other than those listed above running a wide range of firmware such as Marlin, Repetier, Griffin, Mach3 and Makerbot.[5] For example, UK-based CEL, manufacturer of the Robox 3d printer, uses Cura as underlying slicing core for its Automaker printing application.

Media Coverage[edit]

On August 31, 2014 Cura was included in a review of 3D slicing software by Think3DPrint3D[19]

In the summer of 2015, Ultimaker released Cura 2.0.[20][21][22]

On May 29, 2017, PrinterChat recognized Cura as the preferred slicing software for use in classrooms or maker spaces based on price and user interface.[23]

In November 2017, Forbes and noted the release of Cura Connect and the programs networking capabilities.[24][25]

On January 1, 2018, All3DP named Cura one of the best 3D slicer software tools.[6]


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