Curfew (band)

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Origin South England
Genres Electro/Dance/Trip Hop/Ambient
Years active 1988–present
Labels Afterdark Records
Members Steve Marshall
Martin Lawrie
Nick Andrew
David Bouet
Past members Russ Wilson
Theo Travis
Ed Jones
Dave O'Higgins
Mark Hewins
Alex Lawrie
Julian Costello
Shan Chana
Bill Morrison
Kev Dyson
Paul Francis
Mike Nichols
Jane Tuff

Curfew are a jazz fusion band from England. Having been described in the press as "jazz rock with a Weather Report sound",[1] the band are the self-proclaimed pioneers of the electric jazz genre;[2] combining traditional instrumentation and performance with modern MIDI techniques.[3]

Tracks from their latest album, Hold the Front Page, have appeared on radioplaylists in countries such as United States and Romania.[4]

Early years: 1988-1995[edit]

Curfew were formed in 1988 by Martin Lawrie (Jools Holland, Alan Clayson) and Steve Marshall (Jaco Pastorius) as an outlet for their original jazz fusion compositions.

The following year, the band augmented their lineup before gigging in 1990 with Bill Morrison on drums and Julian Costello on sax.

Following Morrison's departure in 1992, Shan Chana joined the band. With vocalist Rena, the band appeared at venues such as the Jazz Café in Camden, before entering the studio. The band produced a number of demos (which would later become the basis for their debut album).[5]

New line-up and album: 1995-1997[edit]

With the arrival of a new drummer, Russ Wilson (Theo Travis, Adam Wakeman), the band recorded their first album (Somewhere In The City) with guests Dave O'Higgins (Frank Sinatra, Jamie Cullum) and Mark Hewins (Bill Bruford, Bob Geldof). The album was released on Afterdark Records.[6]

Back to basics: 2004-present[edit]

With only occasional session appearances from Jones and Travis (as well as Lawrie's son Alex on saxophone, flute and EWI), the band entered the studio in December 2004, before releasing Hold The Front Page in September 2005.

With Andrews preoccupied through 2006 with his solo album, the band reconvened in early 2007 for an appearance at the Watermill Jazz Club, Dorking. Shortly after this, Wilson announced his departure from the band.[7]

On July 20, 2007, Andrews stated on his personal website that Curfew will be performing at the 2007 alloutguitarFEST (formerly Kymfest). The festival took place on September 16 at the Roadmender venue in Northampton.[8][9]



  • Somewhere In The City – 1997
  • Return of the Jazz Fusioneers – 2001
  • Hold The Front Page – 2005


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