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Co-founder and President John Harding with two electric motorcycles at Current Motor Company's research and development facility, circa 2010.

Current Motor Company is an electric vehicle company based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The company was co-founded in 2008 by Ann Arbor area residents John Harding, an entrepreneur and electric vehicle enthusiast, and Erik Kauppi, an engineer and inventor. Both had prior experience in the automotive industry. Over the following two years several models of electric maxi-scooter were developed based on a chassis made by Jonway of Zhejiang, China and powered by lithium-ion battery cells and multi-phase electric hub motors. These vehicles were introduced as the C Series, consisting of the C130, C124, and C120 models, each with differing levels of power, range, top speed, curb weight, and MSRP. A "Test Pilot" program championed by investor Bob Lutz allowed early adopters to purchase a scooter at a discounted price in return for providing feedback and serving as a testbed for the vehicle's telematics software and other systems. Lutz, a former Vice Chairman of General Motors, chaired Current Motor's Advisory Council [1].

In 2011, Belle Capital, LP, a Michigan-based early stage angel fund, acquired majority ownership of the company and Lauren Flanagan was named President, replacing Harding (who left the company in 2012). In late 2013 the company introduced their "Mini Fleet" package that included four C-Series scooters paired with a mobile solar charging station [2]. In February, 2015 the "Mini-Fleet-in-a-Box" was introduced along with the "Nb" scooter, which, in contrast to the C-Series, was totally designed and manufactured in-house [3].


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