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The Carnegie Library in Blue Island, IL - William A. Otis, architect (1903, demolished 1969) source Curt Teich & Co. postcard 60274
The Great White Liner "South American," Chicago, Illinois, circa 1915-1930 source Curt Teich & Co. postcard 103504

Curt Teich (1877–1974) was a printer who immigrated to the United States from Lobenstein, Germany in 1896. Curt Teich & Company opened in January 1898 in Chicago, Illinois and closed in 1978. The Teich Company was the world's largest printer of view and advertising Postcards. Teich is best known for its "Greetings From" postcards with their big letters, vivid colors, and bold style.[1]

Teich family[edit]

Curt and his wife Anna Niether Teich lived in Glencoe, Illinois at 535 Longwood Avenue for many years. They had five children — Curt Jr., Walter, Louise, Lawrence, and Ralph. Lawrence was killed in Bataan. Louise (Raymond Chmelik) had four children—Raymond (Mike), Susan-Ann, James and Christine. Susan-Ann had three children—Marjorie, Linda and Kathleen Moeling. Christine had two children Asra and Jeffrey Iftekaruddin. James Chmelik had 9 children - James Chmelik Jr., Melissa Chmelik, Joshua Chmelik, Rebecca Chmelik, Sean (Lawrence) Chmelik, Tyler Chmelik, Collen Chmelik, Elizabeth Chmelik, and Cory Chmelik. Ralph donated the archives of the company to the Lake County Discovery Museum in Illinois, so they may continue to be used for research purposes.

Notes and references[edit]

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