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Beatrice Cynthia Freeman (January 10, 1915 – October 22, 1988), pseudonym of Bea Feinberg,[1] was an American novelist. She was born in New York City, where, as a young girl, she began writing books but abandoned writing to pursue a career running an interior decoration business. When poor health forced her to give up her business, she decided to dust off an old manuscript from childhood but discovered the cleaning lady had thrown it out. From memory, she rewrote the story.

Freeman specialized in multi-generational stories of Jewish families, centering on a female protagonist. Her novel, No Time For Tears, was No.10 on the list of bestselling novels in the United States for 1981 as determined by The New York Times. Her books were translated into thirty-three languages, selling more than twenty million copies worldwide.[1]

Cynthia Freeman died of cancer in San Francisco in 1988,[1] aged 73.


  • A World Full of Strangers (1975)
  • Fairytales (1977)
  • Days of Winter (1978)
  • Portraits (1979)
  • Catch the Gentle Dawn (1979)
  • Come Pour the Wine (1980)
  • No Time For Tears (1981)
  • Illusions of Love (1984)
  • Seasons of the Heart (1986)
  • The Last Princess (1988)
  • Always and Forever (1990)
  • To Everything a Season (1991)


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