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Studio album by Cyril Havermans
Released 1973
Recorded March 28, 1973 (1973-03-28) – April 15, 1973 (1973-04-15) at MGM Studios, Los Angeles
Length 27:28
Label MGM
Cyril Havermans chronology
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Cyril is the first solo album by Dutch singer-songwriter Cyril Havermans. It was recorded in 1973 after Havermans left Dutch progressive rock band Focus. The parting was amicable and came about partly as a result of Havermans' desire to include more vocal content (Focus are primarily an instrumental band). His erstwhile band-mates contribute much instrumentation to the album.

The songs are, for the most part, short acoustic guitar driven numbers and bear little resemblance to Focus material (Havermans did not write for the band). The lyrics are in English, apart from the traditional song "The Humpbacked Flute Player".

Track listing[edit]

All tracks composed by Cyril Havermans except where noted

  1. "A Long Line of Goodbyes" – 2:09
  2. "A Charm of Love Can Be" – 2:50
  3. "Theme for an Imaginary Lady" – 4:33
  4. "Ev'ry Day (Just For You)" – 2:40
  5. "Share Those Dreams" – 3:01
  6. "Get Yourself By" – 2:08
  7. "The Humpbacked Flute Player" (traditional) – 3:18
  8. "Lady Sad Song" – 3:30
  9. "There's a Pain" – 2:37
  10. "Broken Dreams" – 2:42