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Cyril Alexander Mango (14 April 1928, Istanbul) is a British scholar of the history, art, and architecture of the Byzantine Empire. He is a former King's College London and Oxford professor of Byzantine and Modern Greek Language and Literature. He is the brother of Andrew Mango.

One of his major works, The Mosaics of St. Sophia at Istanbul (1962), details the history of the mosaics of the Hagia Sophia.


  • Harvard University, Dumbarton Oaks Byzantine Center, Washington, DC, instructor, 1955–58, lecturer, 1958–61, associate professor, 1961–63, professor of Byzantine archaeology, 1968-73[1]
  • University of London, King's College, London, England, Koraes Professor of Modern Greek and of Byzantine History, Language, and Literature, 1963-68[1]
  • Oxford University, Oxford, England, Bywater and Sotheby Professor of Byzantine and Modern Greek, 1973-95[1]
  • Visiting associate professor of Byzantine history, University of California, Berkeley, 1960-61[1]
  • Member of the Society of Antiquaries (fellow), British Academy (fellow)[1]


  • The Brazen House. A Study of the Vestibule of the Imperial Palace of Constantinople (1959)
  • Mosaics of St.Sophia at Istanbul (1962)
  • The Art of Byzantine Empire (1972)
  • Byzantine Architecture (1976)
  • Byzantium: The Empire of New Rome (1980) [2]
  • Byzantium and its Image: history and culture of the Byzantine Empire and its heritage (1984)
  • Le développement urbain de Constantinople (IVe - VIIe siècles) (1985)
  • Studies on Constantinople (1993)
  • Hagia Sophia: A Vision for Empires (1997); text by Cyril Mango, photographs by Ahmet Ertuğ
  • Chora: The Scroll of Heaven (2000); text by Cyril Mango, photographs by Ahmet Ertuğ
  • The Oxford History of Byzantium (2002); edited by Cyril Mango[3]


Mango was born on 14 April 1928 in Istanbul, Turkey, the son of Alexander A. and Adelaide (Damonov) Mango. He married Mabel Grover in 1953, but the marriage ended. He later married Susan A. Gerstel in 1964, but this marriage also ended. Ultimately, he married Marlia Mango in 1976. He has two daughters, one from his marriage to Mabel and one from his marriage to Susan. He graduated from the University of St. Andrews, M.A. in 1949, and from the University of Paris as a Doctor of History in 1953.[1]


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