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Cyrus Hall McCormick Jr. (May 16, 1859 – 1936) was an American businessman. He was president of the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company from 1884 to 1902.

Cyrus Hall McCormick Jr.[1]


He was the oldest child of inventor Cyrus Hall McCormick Sr. (1809–1884) and philanthropist Nancy Fowler (1835–1923). He was born in Washington, D.C. on May 16, 1859. Cyrus Jr. married Harriet Bradley Hammond on March 5, 1889. They had three children: Cyrus Hall McCormick III was born September 22, 1890. Elizabeth McCormick was born July 12, 1892. Gordon McCormick was born June 21, 1894.[2]

He was president of the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company from 1884 to 1902. He was later president of the merged International Harvester Company starting in 1902.[3] He was also a member of the Jekyll Island Club aka The Millionaires Club, on Jekyll Island, Georgia.[citation needed] He died in 1936. Cyrus Jr.'s brother Harold Fowler McCormick was the husband of Edith Rockefeller. Cyrus Jr.'s son, Cyrus Hall McCormick III (1890–1970), wrote a history of his grandfather's life and times, his company, and the successor company.[4]

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