Czarna Woda (Kaczawa)

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Czarna Woda
MOs810, WG 2014 56 Oledry nowotomyskie (Czarna Woda river, Miedzichowo).JPG
Czarna Woda River
Country Poland
Physical characteristics
Length 48 km (30 mi)

Coordinates: 51°13′23″N 16°10′45″E / 51.222948°N 16.179116°E / 51.222948; 16.179116 Czarna Woda is a river of Poland, a tributary of the Kaczawa, which it meets in Legnica. Among its tributaries is the Skora.

The Czarna Woda River is 48km long. It flows through Lower Silesian Voivodeship and has water falls in Legnica.[1][2] The river also flows through marshes at Wierzbowskie taking a westerly direction from the village of Wierzbowa. The river flows through Legnica District. Its main tributaries is the Skora and Siekierna Rivers.

Towns on the river include Wierzbowa, Rokitki, Grzymalin, Bukowna, Rzeszotary and Legnica.


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