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Daan (boomtown).jpg
(from left to right) Jorg Strecker, Isolde Lasoen, Daan Stuyven, Jeroen Swinnen and Steven Janssens
Background information
Origin Belgium
Genres Rock, Dance, Electronics, Film music
Years active End 1980s until present
Labels Heavenhotel, [PIAS] Recordings
Website daan.be
Past members

Daan is a Belgian band. It is a solo project from the singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Daniël "Daan" Stuyven. When the band acts live, it is composed of:



Daan was already active in for years when in 1999 the first CD Profools came out. It is a hard copy of songs from Stuyven that he recorded between 1993 and 1999. The influence of Dead Man Ray, Stuyven's previous project, can clearly still be felt, even though there are some electronic plays in the track list.

Bridge Burner[edit]

The second CD, Bridge Burner (2002), was a breakthrough. Partly because Stuyven chose to go more into the direction of electronically flavoured dance music. The dance number "Swedish Designer Drugs" became a club classic and the frontman gradually gathered a live band around himself, consisting of top musicians like Isolde Lasoen (drums, vibraphone and backing vocalist), opera singer Gregory Frateur, Jeroen Swinnen (synthesizer and backing vocalist), Steven Janssens (guitar), Otti Van Der Werf (bass guitar), and Jo Hermans (trumpet and backing vocalist).


In 2004 Victory came out. Daan continued with Bridge Burner but pushed its artistic limits by experimenting with rock and dance. This CD turned out to be a smash hit: Stuyven obtained gold and won the ZAMU Award for best album of 2004.[1] The title song "Victory" and the instrumental dance track "Housewife" reached gold status and enhanced his live reputation. He appeared at many festivals, including Rock Werchter 2004 where he ascended the main stage one year later.[2]

Film music[edit]

In the second half of 2005 Cinema made its appearance, a compilation CD with film music that Stuyven made for the cinema and TV films Verboden te zuchten, Meisje, Un honnête commerçant and Suspect.

Camera, his first DVD, appeared in the spring of 2006 and contained the AB concert of December 2005, an RTBF documentary and a couple of video clips.

The Player[edit]

In November 2006 the fourth album came out, titled The Player (PIAS), that obtained gold within a year. The single with the same name became a hit in the Ultratop 50 purely based on the number of paid downloads. In the second single "Promis Q" Stuyven further investigated the limits of artistic accuracy and created a bridge between the genres dance and German schlager.


At the ZAMU Awards of February 2007 Daan Stuyven was the only artist to achieve five nominations and two prizes. His "The Player" is rewarded as best video clip (DOP Carl Rottiers); the public selected the number as the best song of 2006.[3][4][5]

Stuyven unexpectedly brought the evergreen song "De lichtjes van de Schelde" together with the composer Bobbejaan Schoepen, who was awarded a Lifetime Achievement ZAMU Award. In March 2007 Stuyven dragged the song in the final of the VRT-programme Zo is er maar één, in which the most beautiful song in Dutch is searched. It also became the usual encore during a tour in 2007, his largest musical tour until then.

In the summer of 2008 an extra tour through Belgium followed, shortly afterwards followed by a number of concerts in which Stuyven made proper and contemporary arrangements from forgotten work from the period of Volt, Dead Man Ray, Supermarx and Running Cow.


On 25 April 2009 the fifth album, Manhay was released. Synthesizers have a less prominent role then in earlier work of Stuyven here. Guitar, piano and singing take the lead. At the occasion of this new disk also a club tour through Flanders had place. In that year, the album stood interruptedly in Humo's top 20 of Belgian albums since it came out.

Music Industry Awards[edit]

On 8 January 2010 Stuyven and the group Absynthe Minded received four prizes each at the 2009 MIA's. Stuyven won the MIA for best male solo artist and was also awarded prizes for best author/composer, best video clip with Exes and best graphical design with Manhay.[6] At the MIA's 2010 Stuyven was again among the winners. On 7 January 2011 he obtained the MIA for best male solo artist, just like the year before.[7]


This album came out on 26 November 2010. It mainly contains restyled versions of older titles of Daan, apart from two new numbers ("Protocol" and "I'm What You Need"). All numbers are executed by Daan (zang, piano, gitaar), Isolde Lasoen (drums, song) and cellist Jean-François Assy (cello, backing vocals). The album was accompanied by a tour, albeit without the entire live band, but just with Stuyven, Lasoen and Assy.

Concert and Le Franc Belge[edit]

In 2011 the album Concert came out. In April 2013 the album Le Franc Belge followed.

2010 onwards[edit]

In December 2011 Daan gave a roof concert for the last edition of the Belgian charity action Music for life.

In August 2013 an incident occurred as Stuyven stood drunk on stage at the festival Linkerwoofer. After half an hour the band members left and the concert was entirely shut down.[8] In October 2013 the single "La Crise", a song reflecting the misery of the contemporary European economic crisis containing Greek music (Greece was among the most vulnerable countries), became infamous in Greece as some local media perceived it as an insult against the country.[9] To clarify that he did not criticize Greece but only ironically chants about the European crisis in general, he also added Greek subtitles in the YouTube-video.[10]




Album(s) with hits in
the Flemish Ultratop 50
Date of
Date of
of weeks
Bridge Burner 21-06-2002 24-08-2002 45 11
Victory 26-04-2004 01-05-2004 2 85
Cinema 11-11-2005 19-11-2005 28 12
The Player 06-11-2006 11-11-2006 2 40 Gold
Manhay 24-04-2009 02-05-2009 2 59 Gold
Simple 22-11-2010 04-12-2010 2 47 Platinum
Concert 14-11-2011 26-11-2011 31 27
Le Franc Belge 18-04-2013 27-04-2013 1(3wks) 33* Gold
Daan 18-11-2016 26-11-2016 9


Single(s) with hits in
the Flemish Ultratop 50
Date of
Date of
of weeks
Swedish designer drugs 2002 21-09-2002 tip6 -
Love 2003 15-02-2003 tip13 -
Victory 2004 13-03-2004 tip7 -
Housewife 2004 05-06-2004 tip4 -
Addicted 2004 18-12-2004 40 4
Type ex ex type 2005 09-07-2005 tip2 -
J'ai fait un rêve / I had a dream 2005 09-07-2005 32 13 with Axelle Red /
Nr. 20 in the Radio 2 Top 30
The player 2006 25-11-2006 11 15
Promis Q 2007 27-01-2007 tip4 -
Exes 23-03-2009 25-04-2009 17 15 Nr. 17 in the Radio 2 Top 30
Crawling from the wreck 20-07-2009 15-08-2009 tip6 -
Icon 19-10-2009 14-11-2009 2 31 Nr. 2 in the Radio 2 Top 30 / Gold
Wifebeater 22-11-2010 04-12-2010 tip4 - Nr. 12 in the Radio 2 Top 30
I'm what you need 23-05-2011 11-06-2011 tip32 -
Victory (Live at Flagey 2011) 2011 26-11-2011 tip71 -
La chatte 2013 23-03-2013 tip11 - with Buscemi
Everglades 2013 13-04-2013 26 8 Nr. 28 in the Radio 2 Top 30
La crise 2013 19-10-2013 31 5*
Parfaits mensonges 2013 06-12-2013 tip67* -


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