DB Draw

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DB Draw
DB Drawbridge over the Hackensack.jpg
DB Draw seen from the bank of the Hackensack River in Secaucus
Coordinates40°45′30″N 74°05′36″W / 40.7583°N 74.0933°W / 40.7583; -74.0933Coordinates: 40°45′30″N 74°05′36″W / 40.7583°N 74.0933°W / 40.7583; -74.0933
CarriesOne track of NJ Transit Boonton Line
CrossesHackensack River
LocaleSecaucus and Kearny
Maintained byNorfolk Southern
DesignSwing bridge
ClosedOctober 2002
DB Draw is located in New York City
DB Draw
DB Draw
Location in relation to New York City

DB Draw is a railroad swing bridge crossing the Hackensack River between Secaucus and Kearny, in New Jersey, United States. It was built in 1889 by the New York, Lake Erie and Western Railroad,[1] (reorganized in 1895 as the Erie Railroad) and was used by the New York and Greenwood Lake and the Newark Branch

The bridge later carried New Jersey Transit's Boonton Line until the line was connected to the Montclair Branch via the Montclair Connection, to form the Montclair-Boonton Line. The bridge then reverted to Norfolk Southern Railway control, which has since placed it out of service. It was decommissioned in October 2002 and left in an open position for river traffic.[2][3]

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