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DG 307 is a Czech underground band, influenced by psychedelic music.

Brief history[edit]

The band was founded by the bass guitarist Milan Hlavsa and the poet Pavel Zajíček in the early '70s in Prague, Czechoslovakia, now the Czech Republic. Later, Hlavsa, who had played in a more renowned band, The Plastic People of the Universe, left DG 307. A few years later Zajíček was jailed for alleged disorderly conduct, which he committed by performing his music. Subsequently, he was forced to leave Czechoslovakia due to government persecution. After fleeing the country, he lived in Gothenburg, Sweden, and later New York City.

The Velvet Revolution in 1989 made it possible for Zajíček to return to his homeland. He reestablished the band and became the lead singer. Today, the band is, together with The Plastic People of the Universe and until recently also Psí vojáci, a legend of Prague underground culture still pursuing its own, inimitable style.


Former members[edit]


  • Gift to the shadows (fragment) - 1982 Boží mlýn, Canada, LP
  • DG 307 (1973-5) - 1990, Globus, CD
  • Dar stínům (jaro 1979) - 1992, Globus, CD
  • Pták utrženej ze řetězu (podzim 1979), 1993, Globus, CD
  • Torzo (léto 1980) - 1993, Globus, CD
  • Umělě ochuceno (Artificially flavored, 1992, Újezd MC, CD, LP
  • koncert "Tvář jako Botticelliho Anděl", 1995, vlastní náklad, pouze MC
  • Kniha psaná chaosem, 1996, Globus CD
  • Siluety, 1998, vlastní náklad CD
  • Koncert', 1999, Indies CD, MC
  • Artificially flavored (Umělě ochuceno), 2001, Guerilla records CD
  • Siluety - 2001, Guerilla records, CD (reedice vydání z r. 1998)
  • Šepoty a výkřiky - 2002, Guerilla records, CD
  • Historie hysterie (Archiv dochovaných nahrávek 1973-75), 2002, Guerilla records CD
  • Nosferatu (hudba k němému filmu Upír Nosferatu), 2004, Guerilla records CD
  • DG 307 - LIVE (17.4.2005) - 2005, Guerilla records CD
  • Kakofonie cesty (Pavel Zajíček sólo), 2007, Guerilla records, CD
  • Květy podzimu - barvy jara /live at La Fabrika , 2008, La Fabrika, CD
  • Veřejná zkouška/Public rehearsal Praha-New York, 2009, Ears&Wind Records, CD-R v plechovce
  • Magický město vyhořelo - koncert z roku 1994, 2008, Guerilla Records, CD
  • V katedrálách ticha - koncert z roku 1994, 2011, Guerilla Records, CD
  • Podobenství (Pavel Zajíček sólo) 2011, Guerilla Records, CD
  • Životy? Nebo bludné kruhy?, 2013, Guerilla Records, CD
  • Dar stínům - Pták utrženej z řetězu - Torzo - Waste Land (Pustina), (5CD), 2013, Guerilla Records, CD

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