DJ? Acucrack

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DJ? Acucrack
OriginChicago, Illinois, U.S.
GenresDrum n' Bass
Years active199?–2014
Associated actsAcumen Nation, KMFDM
Past members

DJ? Acucrack is an electronic music duo based in Chicago, Illinois. DJ? Acucrack was formed by Jason Novak and Jamie Duffy as an Acumen Nation drum n' bass side project.

In 2004, DJ? Acucrack opened for KMFDM on their 20th Anniversary Tour.

In August 2005, DJ? Acucrack released a new album, Killing Mobius. In 2006, they toured with Front Line Assembly for their Artificial Soldier tour, which was cut short. Issues with the tour bus company have been cited for the cancellation.

Founding member Jamie Duffy died on June 21, 2012.



"So to Speak" was featured in the episode "Hard-Hearted Hannah" of True Blood (Season 2, Episode 6). [1]

They also have made a remix album of Pigface called Crackhead and have helped produce Chemlab's album Oxidizer.


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