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DJ Delorie is an American software developer. He initiated and maintains the DJGPP project, a port of the GNU C/C++ compiler and tools suite, targeted for PCs running MS-DOS or DOS terminals under Microsoft Windows.

He attended the private Clarkson University in 1984-86 and later worked at Data General and Cabletron Systems. Currently, he works for Red Hat[1] to overhaul the GNU Compiler Collection.

He is also a developer on Harry Eaton's "pcb" (formerly Thomas Nau's "pcb"), an open source layout editor for printed circuit boards. pcb can be a stand-alone application or an element of the gEDA suite.

DJ Delorie makes a point of having his first name actually spelled DJ, and not D.J. or similar. DJ is the actual name, not the initials of first and middle name.[2]


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