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DODDS European Championships are sport competitions taking place in Europe and are hosted by the DODDS (Department of Defense Dependents Schools) system.[1] The term Europeans is a nickname for the entire competition. Europeans take place three times a year, once in the fall, once in winter and once during the spring.


DODDS opened its first school on October 14, 1946. It is designed for military children who live overseas on military bases. There are 81 schools in the DODDS system in 9 different countries overseas. The majority of the schools are in Europe. Europeans bring together hundreds of students from these schools all over Europe. Typically, they meet at a main base in Germany such as: Ramstein, Wiesbaden, Baumholder, or Kaiserslautern.[2]

The women’s volleyball teams in Italy are new to Europeans. Before it became part of Europeans it had its own league formerly known as the ISL championships (Italy School Leagues). As of 2005 it was decided that the women’s volleyball teams would also compete against the teams in Germany also. Men’s volleyball is still in its own ISL league due to the lack of men volleyball teams in Germany. Italy is one of the only countries that DODDS schooling has men volleyball.


Europeans occur three times out of the school year.[3]

Fall Season

Men's and Women's Golf

Winter Season

Spring Season[3]

Swimming is the only sport that is practiced and competed all year round. It has not yet been officially deemed as part of the DODDS European Competition.


Division 1:

  • Lakenheath
  • Ramstein
  • Kaiserslautern
  • Wiesbaden
  • Patch
  • Vilseck
  • Vicenza
  • Naples

Division 2:

  • ISB
  • Bitburg
  • Baumholder
  • Ansbach
  • Hohenfels
  • Aviano
  • Rota
  • AOSR
  • BFA
  • MMI
  • ISF

Division 3

  • Alconbury
  • Sigonella
  • Brussels
  • Bahrain
  • Incirlik
  • Baumholder
  • Ansbach


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