DRT Entertainment

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DRT Entertainment
Founded 2003
Founder Derek Shulman, Ron Urban, and Theodore "Ted" Green
Status Defunct
Distributor(s) Fontana Distribution
Genre Rock
Country of origin US
Location New York City
Official website www.DRT-Entertainment.com

DRT Entertainment was a New York City based independent record label founded in 2003 by Derek Shulman, Ron Urban, and Theodore "Ted" Green. The label is now defunct.

Billing itself as an "artist friendly hard rock music company for bands with a touring fan base". The company was distributed by Universal Music Group's Fontana Distribution. DRT was also distributed by Universal Music Canada and a variety of companies in the rest of the world including Soulfood in Germany, Shock Records in Australia and JVC Records in Japan.

DRT had one subsidiary label, Brass Tacks Records. It was a vanity label founded by the Street Dogs.

In 2005, it released Alucard Music's "35th Anniversary" editions of many CDs by Gentle Giant, Shulman's former band. (Thirty-five years after the debut album.)

The label closed in 2009.

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