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The initialism DTC may refer to:

Companies and organizations[edit]


Automotive Industry[edit]

Methods and Techniques[edit]

  • Digital-to-time converter (a.k.a. digital delay generator), an electronic circuit or piece of equipment that generates precise delays defined by a digital control signal
  • Design-to-cost, a cost management technique
  • Digitally tuned capacitor, a type of electrical capacitor whose capacitance can be changed by means of a digital control signal
  • Direct Torque Control, a method to control electric motor with very good torque dynamics
  • Direct traffic control, a method of authorizing track occupancy on American railroads
  • Discrete cosine transform, a Fourier-related transform similar to the discrete Fourier transform (DFT), but using only real numbers.
  • Dynamic Traction Control, a system which controls a car's traction according to many conditions
  • Direct to Consumer (Retail) describes the sales channel where the OEM sells directly to the consumer (instead of using wholesale channel)