Dadswells Bridge, Victoria

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Dadswells Bridge
Giant Koala.jpg
The Giant Koala at Dadswells Bridge
Dadswells Bridge is located in Victoria
Dadswells Bridge
Dadswells Bridge
Coordinates36°54′57″S 142°30′40″E / 36.91583°S 142.51111°E / -36.91583; 142.51111Coordinates: 36°54′57″S 142°30′40″E / 36.91583°S 142.51111°E / -36.91583; 142.51111
Population172 (2006 census)[1]

Dadswells Bridge is a town in Victoria, Australia, located along the Western Highway in the Wimmera region. At the 2006 census, Dadswells Bridge had a population of 172.[1]

The town has been threatened by major Bushfires and grassfires, most recently in 2010[3] and 2014.[4]


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