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Dag, DaG, DAG, or dags may refer to:



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  • Dag or Dagr, the god of daytime in Norse mythology and a common Scandinavian first name
  • DAG (TV series), a television series starring David Alan Grier
  • Rick "Dag" Dagless, a character on the TV series Garth Marenghi's Darkplace
  • DAG (newspaper), the name of a former freely distributed Dutch newspaper
  • Demented Are Go, Welsh psychobilly band
  • DAG (band), a funk alternative band from North Carolina
  • DAG (Yugoslav band), a former Yugoslav acoustic rock band
  • Dags (film), a 1998 Australian comedy film centering on the adventures of a group of friends
  • Dag för Dag, a Swedish-American brother sister duo based in Stockholm. The band's core members are Sarah and Jacob Snavely.
  • Dag Vag, a Swedish pop, reggae, and punk band formed in 1978
  • Dag och natt, a 2004 Swedish film with Mikael Persbrandt
  • Dag og Tid, a national weekly newspaper in Norway that uses the Nynorsk standard of the Norwegian language
  • Dag, A Norwegian TV comedy series about a marriage councillor, starring Atle Antonsen as Dag.

Science and technology[edit]

  • DAG, Diacylglycerol or diglyceride, a type of molecule important in physiology and used as food additives
  • DAG, Directed acyclic graph, a type of graph used in computer science and mathematics
  • dag, symbol for decagram, a unit of mass equal to ten grams
  • daG, symbol for decagauss, a unit of magnetic flux density of ten Gauss
  • dag, abbreviation of Aquadag, a graphite-based electrode coating
  • DAG, abbreviation for Database Availability Group. See Microsoft Exchange Server.


  • DAG Consulting, Inc., a software and engineering services firm based in Burlington, Massachusetts
  • Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation, created in 1962 as Sweden’s national memorial to Dag Hammarskjöld, Secretary General of the United Nations from 1953 until his death in a plane crash on a mission to the Congo. The Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation is situated in Uppsala, Sweden
  • Dag Hammarskjöld Library, part of the United Nations headquarters and is connected to the Secretariat and conference buildings through ground level and underground corridors
  • Dag Hammarskjöld Stadium, a multi-use stadium in Ndola, Zambia
  • DAG Ventures, an American venture capital firm based in Palo Alto, California
  • DAG Rīga, a former football club in Latvia
  • Democratic Army of Greece, the military wing of the Communist Party of Greece during the Greek Civil War

Other uses[edit]

  • dag, the ISO 639-3 code for the Dagbani language spoken in Ghana
  • Dag (subculture), an Australian subculture
  • DAG, Deputy Attorney General, a high-ranking post in a national department of justice or law
  • DAG, Defense Acquisition Guide, a guidebook for military acquisition in the US
  • Deutsche Angestellten-Gewerkschaft or German Salaried Employees' Union, a former independent trade union in Germany
  • Dag Hammarskjöld invert, a 4 cent value postage stamp error issued on 23 October 1962 by the United States Postal Service (then known as the Post Office Department) one year after the death of Dag Hammarskjöld, Secretary-General of the United Nations
  • Dag Hammarskjöld Medal, a posthumous award given by the United Nations (UN) to military personnel, police, or civilians who lose their lives while serving in a United Nations peacekeeping operation