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Daiki Suzuki is a Japanese-born American fashion designer.


Suzuki says of his work, "I try to choose good dynamic designs with patterns that can be modified for today's use. Usually I re-work the fits as lightly as possible, being careful not to re-produce vintage designs—adding some things and taking some off, balancing it out to make it look new."[1]

Woolrich Woolen Mills[edit]

In the 1970s Suzuki was one of the first buyers of Woolrich fashion in Japan.[2] In 2006 he became a designer for Woolrich Woolen Mills in America.[3]

Engineered Garments[edit]

Suzuki founded Engineered Garments as a fashion design and production company in 1999. Engineered Garments produces variations of sportsgear and hunting wear.[3]

Tag on the inside front pocket of a pair of S/S 2014 Engineered Garments pants. Includes missions statement.


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