Daimler D.I

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Daimler L6.jpg
Role Fighter
Manufacturer Daimler
Designer Karl Schopper
First flight 1918
Number built 6

The Daimler D.I (also known by the company designation L6) was a German fighter aircraft of World War I. It was a conventional biplane design with a very small interplane gap - the top wing nearly touched the top of the fuselage. Power was provided by a Daimler D.III engine.

Design and development[edit]

The L6 prototype competed in the second Idflieg competition for a new fighter design in 1918. The competition was held at Adlershof from 22 May through 21 June. This resulted in an order for 20 aircraft being placed.[1]


Production commenced in 1918. Six examples were built by the time of the Armistice, at which time production was abandoned.[2]

Specifications (D.I)[edit]

Data from The Complete Book of Fighters [1]

General characteristics




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