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Daisy Grace in 1912 was accused of drugging her husband, Eugene H. Grace and then shooting him for his insurance money in Atlanta, Georgia.[1] She was tried and found not guilty.[2]


  1. ^ "Legal Fight Begins for Policies on the Life of Rich Georgian Strangely Shot.". New York Times. March 9, 1912. Retrieved 2009-11-27. Daisy Grace drugged her husband and then shot him. Her action was the execution of a diabolical plot to murder Eugene H. Grace for his insurance money, which the woman planned several days before. She says she drugged him before she shot him, and the evidence so far uncovered proves it. ... 
  2. ^ "Mrs. Daisy Grace Found Not Guilty". The Hartford Courant. August 2, 1912. p. 1. Mrs. Daisy Ople Grace was declared not guilty of trying to kill her husband by a jury here at 6 o'clock this evening.