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Other names
Variant(s) Dahl, Dahlen, Dahlem, Dallen, Dahlin, Dahlstrom

Dallin is a medieval surname of Low German/Westphalia origin, a variation of Dahl. The suffix -lin denotes the namebearer's locale or occupation. Unlike some of the other Dahl variants, Dallin is uncommon to Scandinavian countries.[1] Dallin is also uncommon as a given name. People with the surname include:

  • Sara Dallin (born 1961), English singer and songwriter from the pop group Bananarama
  • Alexander Dallin (1924–2000), American professor at Columbia and Stanford universities (son of David Dallin)
  • David Dallin (1889–1962), American expert on Soviet affairs (father of Alexander Dallin, husband of Lilia Estrin Dallin)
  • Lilia Estrin Dallin (1898–1981) (a.k.a. Lola Estrin, Paulsen, Lilya Ginzberg), Russian Trotskyist (second wife of David Dallin)
  • Cyrus Edwin Dallin (1861–1944), American sculptor and Olympic archer
  • Dallin H. Oaks (born 1932), American Attorney
  • Dallin Watene-Zelezniak (born 1995), Rugby League player


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