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FounderKonrad Damasko
ProductsWatches and timepieces
Number of employees

Damasko is a manufacturer of mechanical wristwatches and chronographs based in Barbing, Germany.[2]


Damasko was formed in 1994 using high-performance materials technology that the founder, Konrad Damasko, had developed for applications including the aerospace industry.[3] Until their partnership ended in 2002, Damasko was a supplier of hardened watchcases to Sinn.[4] In 2014 Damasko released its first models based on a movement designed themselves. Prior to this time its watches had relied upon movements sourced from companies such as Valjoux, Sellita and ETA.[5]


Damasko holds patents in the use of polycrystalline silicon for components, including the spring.[6] Damasko has also developed a nickel-free, nitrogen enriched martensitic alloy that is hardened up to 64 HRC/800 Vickers.[7]

Awards and certifications[edit]

The Damasko DC56 has been certified as an official wristwatch for Eurofighter test pilots.[2] In 2015 the Damasko DA38 was nominated one of the best men's watches under €2000 by GQ magazine.[8]

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