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Damghar is a village in Swat District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, located on the between River Swat and Saidu sharif Airport.Population of the village is nearly 5000. The major source of income is agriculture.it has two primary school and middle school for girls and boys.Literacy rate is very low.

Damghar name is derived from Adamghar which means human cave.it is believed to be an ancient village. It is led by a family(khail[1] Babukar kail. The richest among them is Haji Muhammad Hakim. He is born in 1946. He had two sons Muhammad karam and Muhammad Iqbal khan. Muhammad Hakim politically belongs to PML(n).The total area of Damghar is twelve rupee.(calculated by the locals in their way of methods) Important personalities : Malak Amir Dost khan,Malak gulyar khan,Malak Jamroz khan,


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Coordinates: 34°48′0″N 72°21′0″E / 34.80000°N 72.35000°E / 34.80000; 72.35000