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A damper is a device that deadens, restrains, or depresses. It may refer to:


  • Damper pedal, a device that mutes musical tones, particularly in stringed instruments
  • A mute for various brass instruments


  • Damper (flow), a mechanical device in a duct or chimney that regulates airflow
  • Stockbridge damper, used to suppress wind-induced vibrations on taut cables
  • Tuned mass damper, a device mounted in structures to prevent discomfort, damage or structural failure by vibration

Other uses[edit]

  • Damper (food), a bread of the Australian Outback
  • Dashpot, a type of hydraulic or mechanical damper
  • Shock absorber (British or technical use: damper), a mechanical device designed to dissipate kinetic energy
  • An item of boiler technology used to regulate the fire
  • In electronics, a kind of diode intended to absorb energy peaks, normally generated by inductive circuitry

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