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Dan Voiculescu (born 20 July 1940 in Saschiz, died 29 August 2009, in Bucharest) was a Romanian composer, doctor of musicology (1983), professor of counterpoint and composition at the Music Academy in Cluj-Napoca (since 1963) and the National Music University of Bucharest (since 2000), and a member of the Union of Romanian Composers and Musicologists (since 1965).

His musicological studies fill a niche in the Romanian bibliography; they are significant contributions towards understanding the polyphony of 20th-century classical music. His compositions are performed frequently, both in Romania and abroad.

Published works[edit]


  • The Bald Prima Donna, comical chamber opera, after Eugène Ionesco, 1992–1993
  • Cantata for baritone, choir and orchestra, 1977
  • Simfonia ostinato, 1963
  • Visions cosmiques, 1968
  • Music for strings, 1971
  • Pieces for orchestra, 1975
  • Suite from Codex Caioni for strings, 1996
  • Inflorescences for strings,2001
  • Works for piano solo
    • Fables
    • Dialogs
    • Sonata
    • Croquis
    • Sonantes
    • Spirals
    • Toccata piano
    • Toccata armonica
    • Toccata robotica
    • Toccata for a hand
  • Book without end — 3 volumes of piano pieces for children
  • Sonata brava for harpsichord
  • 9 Sonatas for flute solo
  • Sonata for clarinet solo
  • Sonata for oboe solo
  • Ribattuta for viola solo, 1976
  • Fiorituri for violin and piano
  • about 60 Songs
  • 5 volumes of choral music for children
  • Choral poems


  • Baroque Polyphony in the Works of J. S. Bach, 1975
  • 20th Century Polyphony, 1983 ("Polifonia secolului XX", Editura Muzicala, Bucuresti 2005 ) ISBN 973-42-0407-6
  • The Bach Fugue, 1986 ("Fuga în creatia lui J. S. Bach", Editura Muzicala, Bucuresti 2000) ISBN 973-42-0247-2
  • many other studies on musicology

His works are published by Editura Muzicala, Bucharest (Romania), Editura Arpeggione, Cluj-Napoca (Romania) and Musikverlag Gentner Hartmann, Trossingen (Germany).


  • 1958–1964 Attended the "Gh. Dima" Music Academy of Cluj-Napoca (Romania)
  • 1963 Obtained diploma for Piano (under the supervision of Magda Kardos)
  • 1964 Obtained diploma for Composition (under the supervision of Sigismund Todutza)
  • 1965 Became a member of the Union of Romanian Composers
  • 1968 Studied composition with V. Mortari in Venice (Italy)
  • 1971–1972 Studied composition with K. Stockhausen in Cologne (Germany)
  • 1972, 1978 Attended the Darmstädter Kurse für Neue Musik
  • 1979–1991 Editor of Lucrari de Muzicologie (Musicological Works), published by the "Gh. Dima" Music Academy of Cluj-Napoca
  • 1983 Doctor of Musicology
  • 1984 Awarded the George Enesco Prize of the Romanian Academy
  • 1989 Awarded the Mihai Eminescu Prize
  • 1972–2005, seven times, Prize of the Union of Romanian Composers

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