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Dan Margalit (Hebrew: דן מרגלית‎‎, born 1938) is an Israeli journalist, author and television host.


Dan Margalit studied international relations and modern Jewish history at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He began writing for the Israeli newspaper Haaretz in the 1960s. He is married to Dana, a lecturer at Ariel University Center. His daughter, Shira Margalit, is the deputy director-general of the Reshet television network.[1]

Journalism career[edit]

In 1977, while serving as Washington correspondent of Haaretz, he revealed that Leah Rabin, wife of prime minister Yitzhak Rabin, had a United States bank account, illegal in Israel at the time. The story, known as the Dollar Account affair, led to Rabin's resignation and the nomination of Shimon Peres as the Alignment's candidate for prime minister.

In 1992 he was appointed editor of Maariv by publisher Ofer Nimrodi, but he resigned six months later.[2] In June 2007, Margalit began to write for Israel HaYom, a new free daily newspaper in Israel.

Television career[edit]

Margalit has been one of the regular hosts of the Israeli Educational Television's current affairs show "Erev Hadash" since its early days in 1982. During the 1990s he hosted current affairs panel shows on Channel 1 and later on commercial television. Since 2004 he has hosted a current affairs panel show on Channel 10.


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