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Dan Rahmel (born 1972) is an American author best known for his work relating to Visual Basic and database servers. Rahmel first began work as a writer for various magazines including DBMS, American Programmer, and Internet Advisor. He co-authored his first book Interfacing to the PowerPC Microprocessor in 1995 and began writing steadily about the programming and database development fields.

In 2002, he began working in Hollywood film production and gained experience in diverse positions including gaffer, property master, production designer, and lighting technician. He has written a number of articles about his Hollywood experience and in 2004 publisher Focal Press released his book Nuts and Bolts Filmmaking that describes guerrilla filmmaking techniques.

His books have been translated into various languages including Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. In 2006, Focal Press issued a special edition of Nuts and Bolts Filmmaking for release in India.


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