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Dan Sullivan is an American indie rock musician from Chicago, Illinois. He started his musical career with self-titled (albeit mirrored) Folk Rock band Nad Navillus, releasing three albums from March 1999 to November 2002. He was also a member of short lived Post Rock project A-Z Consolidated, releasing one EP.

Dan Sullivan is also known as an occasional guitarist in the Folk Rock band Songs: Ohia. He is currently leading metal band Arriver and also plays in rock band The American Pringles.



  • Arriver, "TSUSHIMA" Bloodlust 170 (released February 2012)
  • Rabid Rabbit "Czarny Sen" Bloodlust 169 (released January 2012)
  • Arriver, "Center Down" Nodak 006 split 7" (released June 2011)
  • Arriver, "Simon Mann EP" BecRec (released February 2010)
  • Arriver, "Vanlandingham and Zone" Proshop (released 2006)
  • The American Pringles "1968-1970" Proshop (released June 2006)
  • The American Pringles "The Pringles Are Coming!" ProShop 015 (released June 2005)
  • The Butchershop Quartet "The Rite of Spring" G4CD7701 (released April 2004)
  • Nad Navillus "Iron Night" Jag51 (released November 2002)
  • Nad Navillus "Show Your Face" Jag37 (released November 2001)
  • A-Z Consolidated s/t ProShop 008 (released October 1999)
  • Nad Navillus s/t ProShop 005 (released March 1999)
  • Cockpokalypse "C'est Cockpokalypse" (cassette release 1996)
  • Cockpokalypse "Big Gun Party Fun" (cassette release 1995)
  • Yakamashi "Shot Out Your Asshole" (cassette release 1995)
  • Cockpokalypse "Answer Lies" (cassette release 1993)
  • Wrektomb s/t (cassette release 1993)
  • Nad Navillus "On the Ground" (cassette release 1993)

On Other Releases[edit]

  • Dylan Posa and Three Cheers For One Dead Man "Executive Shirts '79/The Nairu Report" 7" Northern Varieties NV03 (2006)
  • Dave LaCrone and the Mistletones "The New Old-Fashioned Way" (December 2003)
  • Songs: Ohia "The Magnolia Electric Company" SC76 (released February 2003)
  • Parker Paul "Wingfoot" Jag28 (released October 2001)
  • Songs: Ohia “Mi Sei Apparso Come Un Fantasma” Paper Cup/White and Black (released September 2001)
  • Joan of Arse "Distant Hearts A Little Closer" slab4 (released September 2001)
  • Steve Fanagan "There is Hope" mango010 (released July 2001)
  • Songs: Ohia/Glen Hansard split 7" RR7-006 (released December 2000)
  • Skeeter Pete & the Sullivan Mountain Boys s/t Bert 012 (released April 2000)


  • An International Compilation "Performance #1" ITC 8 (released July 2002)
  • Tract Records "Eye of the Beholder II" TR002 (released October 2002)

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