Dana Glacier (California)

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Dana Glacier
TypeMountain glacier
LocationMount Dana, Mono County, California, United States
Coordinates37°54′02″N 119°13′04″W / 37.90056°N 119.21778°W / 37.90056; -119.21778

The Dana Glacier is located inside a northwest facing cirque located east of the 13,061 feet (3,981 m) Mount Dana on the eastern border of Yosemite National Park, California.[1] It is very close to Tioga Pass and Highway 120. The glacier occupies the very steep, shaded western slope of the cirque at around 11,500 to 11,800 feet (3,500–3,600 m), although a part of it reaches up to 12,500 feet (3,800 m) (Dana Couloir).[2] Repeat photography comparing images taken in 1883 with those from 2004 demonstrate that the glacier has retreated substantially in that period.[3]

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