Dancing in the Dust (1988 film)

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Dancing in the Dust or Ball in the Dust (original title Bal Poussière) is a 1988 Ivorian film dealing with themes of polygyny. It was directed by Henri Duparc, and starring actors (Bamba Bakary, Hanny Tchelly, Naky Sy Savanne, Thérèse Taba, and Anne Kabou.


Demi-Dieu (Demigod) is a wealthy farmer and village head with five wives. When he decides to marry a sixth, young Binta, to have one for each day of the week (apart from Sunday, the day of rest), his five wives become discontent. Binta, a modern, self-confident woman, doesn't want to be kept in line. Soon there is conflict with her husband as well as with the other five wives, creating comic relief.

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