Dancing with Mermaids

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Dancing With Mermaids is the second novel by the English writer Miles Gibson. An erotic exercise in magic realism set in the secluded fishing village of Rams Horn, once a fashionable Regency spa, at the mouth of the River Sheep, somewhere on the Dorset coast. In the novel Rams Horn is described by the author as ‘a memory, a lost cause, a carnival of ghosts, an ark of half-forgotten dreams’. It’s a secretive place ‘full of leery, venal, outsize, hideous and beautiful people’ - declared The Financial Times, in a story The New Yorker described as ‘a wild, funny, poetic exhalation that sparkles and hoots and flies’[1] First published by William Heinemann, London, 1985. ISBN 0-434-29131-5. First US edition published by EP Dutton 1986. Reprinted in the UK by the Do Not Press 1997.