Dangerous Touch

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Dangerous Touch
United States theatrical poster
Directed by Lou Diamond Phillips
Produced by Lisa M. Hansen
Kurt Voss (co-producer)
Written by Kurt Voss
Starring Kate Vernon
Lou Diamond Phillips
Music by Terry Plumeri
Cinematography James Lemmo
Eric J. Goldstein
Edited by Christopher Rouse
CineTel Pictures
Trimark Pictures
Release date
  • September 3, 1994 (1994-09-03) (South Korea)
  • November 2, 1994 (1994-11-02) (U.S. video)
Running time
101 minutes (Argentina)
97 minutes (UK)
Country United States
Language English

Dangerous Touch is a 1994 American erotic thriller film directed by Lou Diamond Phillips. He also co-wrote the film with Kurt Voss, and Lisa M. Hansen co-produced the film. James Lemmo was the Cinematographer. The movie was filmed in Los Angeles, California, USA. The film was made by CineTel Films and Trimark Pictures.


Radio therapist Amanda Grace's life turns hellish after she becomes involved with young hustler Mick Burroughs. Mick seduces the radio host in order to get hold of a file she has on a criminal who also happens to be one of her patients. Soon, the two are having steamy, erotic encounters that include kinky sex. But she gets so caught up in their relationship that she leaves herself wide open to Mick's treachery. Amanda finds her entire career in jeopardy when Mick blackmails her, and threatens to show everyone an incriminating videotape of them having sex, which also involved a female prostitute, if she doesn't do whatever he says.[1]


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Dangerous Touch (soundtrack)[edit]

Soundtrack for the movie Dangerous Touch.

Written by Marvin Gaye, Odell Brown and David Ritz Performed by Bill Wesley

Written and Performed by Rachel Pollack

  • "Oblivion"

Performed by Odette Springer Music by Odette Springer Lyrics by Odette Springer and Cynthia Waring

Written by Robert Byrd Arranged and Performed by Tony Rogers

Written by Rachel Pollack and Bret Levick Performed by Rachel Pollack

Arranged and Performed by Chris Kinsman

  • "When You Want Me"

Performed by Roberta Flack Lyrics by Lou Diamond Phillips Music by Terry Plumeri

  • "Whistling Theme"

Written by Chris Lindsey


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