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Dangle, dangler or dangling may refer to:

  • Dangle (espionage), an agent of one side who pretends to be interested in defecting to another side
  • Dangle, in ice hockey, a variety of moves where a player dekes (fakes) out a goalie or player (it originally meant to skate fast with the puck)
  • Dangle, in lacrosse, a complete defeat of a defender or goalie achieved by performing complex stick moves and tricks
  • Lloyd Dangle, American writer and artist
  • Lt. Jim Dangle, a Reno 911! character
  • Dangling modifier (or dangling participle), a type of misplaced grammatical phrase
  • Dangler (plot device), an unresolved plot line in a story
  • Dangle, a type of earring
  • Dangling pointer (computing), a pointer not pointing to a valid object