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Dr Daniel Davies, Swansea (1797–1876) NLW3361968

The Rev. Daniel Davies, D. D. (1797–1876) was a Welsh Baptist preacher, also known as "Y Dyn Dall" (The Blind Man).

Early life and education[edit]

Davies was born at Moelfre, Llanfair-ar-y-bryn, Carmarthenshire. His father was Joshua Davies. He was living in Dowlais, Merthyr Tydfil as a boy[1] when he became blind after surviving smallpox.[2] In 1815 he was admitted as a student at the Royal School for the Blind, Liverpool, where he not only learned manual skills such as basketry and weaving, but also learned to speak English.[3]


Davies was 19 when he started preaching in Wales, at first as a Presbyterian, but soon as a Baptist.[2] In the 1820s he had a stint preaching in Welsh Baptist congregation in London, but he was called to a position at Bethesda Welsh Baptist Chapel in Swansea in 1826, and served that church until 1855. Late in life he preached at various churches in Wales. He took a favorable position on state education and English-language education for Welsh children.[4] He was noted for his intellect and his passion for learning; one acquaintance recalled of his preaching, "He was like one of those transatlantic steamers that must be seen in deep waters to be appreciated." [2] Rev. D. T. Phillips listed him as one of the "princes of the pulpit" in Welsh history.[5] When a visiting pastor preached in English, Davies translated the message into Welsh for his congregation.[6] Noted Welsh preacher Christmas Evans died at the home of Daniel Davies in 1838, and Davies preached at his funeral.[7]

He sat for a portrait with photographer John Thomas as an old man. Rev. Dr. Davies died in 1876, age 78. His gravesite is in Swansea, in a vault at the former Bethesda Welsh Baptist Chapel.[8] He was married; his wife died before 1856.[9] They had at least one daughter who survived him, a Mrs. J. Rowlands of Llanelly.[10]


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