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Daniel Taylor

Daniel Taylor (born February 12, 1955 in Vancouver, British Columbia) is a Canadian Hyperrealist painter,[1][2] internationally renowned for his high realism portraits and wildlife art. For the greater part of his life he lived with his family in the interior of British Columbia. This wilderness setting with its abundant wildlife has been a source of great inspiration.

Today, Taylor’s art can be found in both private and public collections internationally and his work has been prominently displayed in countries such as Canada, Japan, United States, England and Australia. A permanent exhibition of his art is on display in the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.

Originally, Taylor sketched and painted portraits and landscapes in oil but later turned to acrylic and wildlife. He eventually succeeded in accomplishing the fusing of all themes together and finding his true creative passion in life.

Daniel Taylor is an artist with a mission as he spent most of his professional life using art to promote a cause. He was granted the Federal and Provincial Ambassadorship of the VSA Arts for assisting in the creation of art workshops for both children and adults with disabilities. He has also been selected to assist celebrities by donating his work towards the Leukaemia and Diabetes Societies.

Taylor’s current project ArtSavingWildlife is designed to raise awareness and funds for the conservation of Africa's endangered wildlife species. For this purpose he has partnered with the African Conservation Foundation. To celebrate the Year of the Gorilla, two special editions of the Mountain Gorilla print series have been published.[3]

Daniel Taylor's artwork has been featured in several art publications including Wildlife Art Magazine, Western & Wildlife Art Magazine,[4] International Artist Magazine and Wildscape Magazine.[5]

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