Daniella Mastricchio

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Daniella Mastricchio
Born (1987-11-18) November 18, 1987 (age 29)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Occupation Actress

Daniella Mastricchio (born November 18, 1987) is an Argentine child actress, best known for her role as Sol Fraga in the telenovela Chiquititas.

Career information[edit]

Daniella Mastricchio was cast as "Sol Fraga" at the age of seven, although her role was of a much younger girl, for the popular children's soap opera "Chiquititas". "Sol Fraga" was an orphan, whose single mother had died when she was very young,her dad had abandoned her before she was born. In the soap opera she's left in the care of Romina Yan, her mom's best friend. She together with Yan, go live in an orphanage since Yan was running it. "Sol Fraga" became one of the most beloved characters of the series, singing one of the greatest hits till this day, "Corazón con agujeritos" (heart with holes) together with Romina Yan.

After three years as "Sol Fraga", Mastricchio retired from "Chiquititas", to study. She returned to Argentine television in 2002's "Kachorra", where she had a small role, and, later on that year, for another small role, in "Máximo in My Heart".

Once again, Mastricchio is semi-retired from acting, to finish her college degree.

In 2007 it was reported Daniella Mastricchio was facing financial problems and had her first children with only 18 years old.

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