Danish Air Show

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Danish Air Show
GenreAir show
Attendance80,000 to 100,000 (150.000 in 2016)
Organized byRoyal Danish Air Force

The Royal Danish Air Force conducts the annual Danish Air Show at one of the three Air Stations (AS), AS Aalborg, AS Karup or AS Skrydstrup. In 2005 AS Karup, in 2006 AS Skrydstrup, in 2007 AS Aalborg and in 2008 AS Karup. No airshow was held in 2009. The Danish Air Show 2010 was again held at AS Skrydstrup. In 2012 it took place at AS Aalborg

Annually between 80,000 and 100,000 spectators visit the show, where various military and civilian aircraft perform flying display and static display, furthermore there is a number of exhibitions of Danish military units and various civilian companies with relation to aviation. In 2016 the show beat both national and international records, when more than 150.000 spectators visits Skrydstrup airport.

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