Danny Pang Phat

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Danny Pang Phat
Born 1965 (age 51–52)
Occupation Film director, film editor

Danny Pang Phat (born 1965) is one of the Pang brothers. The twin brothers Oxide and Danny Pang started their career in Hong Kong, where Oxide worked as colourist and Danny as editor. After moving to Bangkok, Oxide made the experimental film Who's Running. Bangkok Dangerous is the first film in which the brothers combine their talents.


Danny started his career as an editor working on numerous Hong Kong films such as The Storm Riders and the Infernal Affairs series, he also wrote and directed Neung Buak Neung Pen Soon (also known as 1+1=0 or Nothing To Lose) released in 2002. He directed the upcoming Chinese horror thriller The Strange House.[1]



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