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Dantès, or Dai Liang Chinese: 戴亮 is a French singer-songwriter. He is also a trilingual host (French, Chinese, English) and a writer.

Dantès Dai Liang
Dantès Dai Liang.jpg
Background information
Birth name Christophe Hisquin
Also known as Dantès, Dai Liang, 戴亮
Origin France
Genres French Mandopop, Pop, Rock
Occupation(s) singer-songwriter,presenter,actor, writer, producer
Instruments Vocals, guitar, piano, organ
Years active 2001-2017
Labels Jiesheng, Plaza Mayor, Yiwen Publishing

Dantès is an intercultural artist who intertwines Chinese language, the French way of thinking and pop rock.[1] Dantès' LP, One of a Kind, allowed the French singer and pioneer of the French Mandopop to be invited several times to the most prestigious and popular TV shows in China.[2]



In 2006 he released a double album entitled Parfums d’extrêmes or Wo jide ni 我记得你 in mandarin Chinese.[3] The same year, the album is distributed in China. In 2007 Dantès is signed and distributed by Jiesheng Record Company.[4]

The Chinese media readily welcomed the sinologist.[5] Since 2006 several media considers Dantès as the first foreigner who writes and sings his own songs in Chinese.[6][7]

In April and May 2007, various press conferences were organized for Dantès in Suzhou and Hangzhou, and the artist was even mentioned during the television news.[8]

Furthermore, in January 2007 Dantès is interviewed by the famous host Yi Wen during the Zui ai K ge bang 最爱K歌榜 program in Shanghai Love Radio. Suzhou, Hangzhou and the French Radio of Beijing (RCI) organized long interviews (over an hour each) of Dantès.[9]

In the year 2008 Dantès is invited by the French Television France 3 to talk about his experience and cultural matters.[10] French medias start to focus on Dantès work. At the end of the year, Dantès completes his PhD about the Music Industry in China at the Lyon Jean Moulin University.[11] His academic writings are supervised by Gregory B. Lee.

In 2009 Dantès releases Dailiang with the Chinese record company Jiesheng. This is his second Chinese-French album. Dantès includes traditional Chinese music aspects to his pop rock tunes: dizi flute, erhu violin, Beijing Opera.[12] The album is distributed the same year in France with the Mosaic music label.[13] Dantès is often invited to perform at the International Channel of Shanghai ICS.[14] He also becomes a host at the Channel Young, a Chinese TV Channel. The same year Dragon TV broadcasts Xia you Dailiang, a Dantès cover story.[15] At the end of 2009 Dantès also organizes a concert in France and will be interviewed by the French médias.[16]

In 2010 Dantès releases Shanghai (single) and Franc Péret shoots a MTV of it.[17] The single (two versions, a French-Chinese one, and a Chinese one) is recorded at Ulys Music Shanghai by the music producer Ulys who worked with the greatest names of the electro music scene.

The same year, Dantès is invited by the French Consulate to perform during the first Shanghai French Music Festival (Fête de la musique) and is promoted as the French man who writes and sings in Chinese. Dantès is interviewed by French journalists who came to cover the 2010 Shanghai Expo. Dantès stands as an ambassador of French culture toward Chinese people along as French politician Jack Lang. Numerous Chinese journalists interview the singer. One of the most complete interview is the one he gave at the Shanghai Expo Site CCTV Studio.[18] Chinese media considers Dantès as a cultural ambassador of the city of Lyon.

In June and July 2010 Dantès performs more than twenty concerts in Shanghai, from the very famous Shanghai Music Hall to the French Week and the Shanghai French Music Festival.

The same year Dantès translates under his real name (Christophe Hisquin) the French version of the Chinese book « Pass it on 盒子» edited by Shangxia.

In 2011 Dantès is signed by the Plaza Mayor Company for his two albums, Parfums d’extrêmes and Dailiang.

He is invited by the Suzhou Television to perform his hit Liang qian nian wo lai dao Zhongguo.[19] Dantès comes back another time to the English Channel of Shanghai (ICS) as a guest of Cultural Matters Show where he talks about Beijing Opera and performs his song La muse aux lèvres rouges. In June, Dantès performs at the Shanghai Music Festival for the second time. Between July and August, he records 3 television shows for the Shanghai Media Group where he sings in Shanghainese dialect and reach more fans.[20] Dantès performs at the 2011 Shanghai French Week with the guitarist Inophis who is also his friend.[21] He performs a show in France, at the Kbox of Villeurbanne, near the city of Lyon and he is interviewed by le Progrès newspaper[22]

In October, Dantès works on a song with the composer Peter Kam. The song is recorded for Garou who performs the same month a show in the city of Nanning in China.[23]

In 2011 Dantès gets more and more opportunities to work as a Master of Ceremonies. He co-presents with the famous host Sujing, the « 2011 Chinese Culture Foreign Talents Show» for the Suzhou Television.[24] He is selected to host the YesHJ program « Ohlala ».[25] The same year he hosts two major events for La Montre Hermès. He is also selected for the Esprit 10 years Party and the Suzhou Festival Italiano.


Studio albums[edit]


  • 2010 : Shanghai (single) (Ulys Music)
  • 2012 : Oh ma chérie (single) (YesHJ)
  • 2015 : J'aime la Maurienne (Single) (Rémi Trouillon)
  • 2015 : Là-Haut (Single) (DAILIANG)
  • 2016 : Moliyene (Single) (Rémi Trouillon)
  • 2016 : Raison-Passion (Single) (DAILIANG)


  • 2016 : Rendez-vous Xiangyue (single) with Chinese Miao Female Singer Ayouduo


  • 2008 : The Music Industry in China at the beginning of the 21st century, Phd Thesis, University Jean-Moulin Lyon 3
  • 2010 : The Music Industry in China at the beginning of the 21st century, Editions Universitaires Européennes, 264 p.
  • 2010 : Pass it on 盒子, Shangxia Trading (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd, China Science Culture Publishing House, 330 p : Translation into French of the Chinese book written by Peng Yangjun et Chen Jiaojiao
  • 2012 : Le Français qui écrit et chante en chinois 下有戴亮, Bilingual Book (French-Chinese), Yiwen Publishing House, 186 p

Video clips[edit]

  • 2010 : "Shanghai", shot and directed by Franc Péret
  • 2012 : "Oh ma chérie", shot and directed by Franc Péret
  • 2012 : "Zhongguo de Faguoren", shot and directed by Jiangsu TV
  • 2014 : "Douce Chine", shot and directed by Franc Péret
  • 2016 : "J'aime la Maurienne", shot and directed by Rémi Trouillon
  • 2016 : "Moliyene", shot and directed by Rémi Trouillon


  • 2006 : Tomorrow I am not a Lamb 明天我不是羔羊 (soap opera) : John
  • 2012 : Shanghai Solo 小雷变奏曲 (soap opera) : Leon
  • 2012 : Dream Big (Short Movie) : Jiawen

Songs written for other artists[edit]

  • 2001 : Piège à rêves (music) on the Mickael André LP Piège à Rêves
  • 2001 : Désamour (music) on the Mickael André LP Piège à Rêves
  • 2004 : J'attends (music) on the Mickael André LP ...pour Grandir
  • 2006 : A trop vouloir (music) on the Mickael André LP...pour Grandir
  • 2009 : Au delà de tout (French lyrics and singing) for the Liang Shan's Movie Love in translation
  • 2011 : 左爱右爱(Zuo ai you ai) French title : Amour hésitant, French adaptation of the Chinese song written by Albert Leung, composed by Peter Kam and sung by the duo Garou and Cao Fujia
  • 2012 : Plus rien en stock (music) on the Mickael André LP Plus léger
  • 2012 : Je me libère (music) on the Mickael André LP Plus léger
  • 2015 : Chacun sa place (music), single of Mickael André (La Chambre Records)
  • 2016 : Papa qui dort (music), single of Mickael André (La Chambre Records)

Main TV Shows and Medias Appearances[edit]

  • 2005 :
    • Foreigners and Chinese Culture Contest - Shows broadcast from February 9–13 on Beijing Television
  • 2008 :
    • Dantès is on Earth - News story broadcast on October 28 on Dragon TV
  • 2008 :
    • 2T3M - interview broadcast on Lyon TV
  • 2009 :
    • C'est mieux le matin - Show broadcast in November on France 3
  • 2012 :
    • Culture Matters, Show broadcast in June 2012 on ICS
    • Expat Extra, News Stories broadcast in June on ICS
  • 2013 :
    • Culture Matters, Show broadcast on April 13th on ICS
  • 2013 :
    • Waiguoren zai Zhongguo, News Story and Interview broadcast on June 15 and 16 2013 on CCTV4 [26]
  • 2013 :
    • Xunzhao Xin zhubo, Presenter Contest broadcast in November on Henan Satellite [27]
  • 2014 :
    • Culture Express, News Story broadcast on April 2nd on CCTV News [28]
  • 2014 :
    • 50 years, 50 witnesses, News Story broadcast on June 2014 on CCTV French
  • 2015 :
    • Hello China, Show broadcast in July 2015 on Guangdong Satellite [29]
    • Intervilles France-Chine, Program broadcast on CCTV5 and TV5 Monde [30]
  • 2016 :
    • Surname, Program broadcast on Shanxi Satellite [31]
  • 2017 :
    • Parlons-En, Interview broadcast on February 25th on CCTV French [32]


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