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Daphne Haldin (1899–1973) was a British art historian and honourable secretary of the Society of Jews and Christians.

Born in 1899 in Norwich to Alfred Haldinstein and Edith Haldinstein,[1] she was one of seven children.[2] Her father Alfred was a shoe manufacturer and merchant,[3] and later became President of the Norwich Hebrew Congregation and chairman of the Norfolk Daily Standard Company Ltd and Sheriff of Norwich.[4]

Haldin was an art historian and honourable secretary of the Society of Jews and Christians.[5] She studied History of Art at University College London and wrote for The Connoisseur.[6]

Although christened as Haldinstein, Daphne referred to herself as Haldin.[7]

Dictionary of Women Artists[edit]

Her work on the Dictionary of Women Artists born before 1850, which she intended to publish, attempted to redress the balance of scholarship on women artists by compiling an archive of pertinent references. An example of the scale of Haldin's project is provided by the entries for artists under the letter 'B' which alone consists of 595 individual entries.[8] Daphne Haldin's archive is now housed in the Paul Mellon Centre Archive.[9]

Haldin died in 1973 in Hampstead, London.[10]


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