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Gate of Northeast Petroleum University

Northeast Petroleum University (simplified Chinese: 东北石油大学; traditional Chinese: 東北石油大學; pinyin: Dōngběi Shíyóu Dàxué) is a national key institution of higher learning in Daqing, Heilongjiang province, People's Republic of China.

Main Library of NEPU

The institute was founded in 1960, formerly called Northeast Petroleum Institute (Chinese: 东北石油学院; pinyin: Dōngběi Shíyóu Xuéyuàn). In 1975, it was renamed Daqing Petroleum Institute (Chinese: 大庆石油学院; pinyin: Dàqìng Shíyóu Xuéyuàn). In October 1978, the institute was accredited by the State Council with being one of 88 national key universities and colleges. Since February 2000, the institute has been under the jurisdiction of both central and provincial governments, and has been mainly administered by Heilongjiang Province. In June 2000, the provincial government approved the relocation scheme from Anda to Daqing, which was completed in October 2002. The college was renamed Northeast Petroleum University in 2010.[1]


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