Darin Barney

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Darin Barney
Born Burnaby, British Columbia
Residence Montreal, Canada
Nationality Canada
Occupation Author, Professor
Employer McGill University
Known for Information society, disruptive politics and sabotage
Website darinbarneyresearch.mcgill.ca

Darin Barney is a political theorist, academic and activist whose work focuses on critical theory, the philosophy of technology, infrastructure and disruptive politics. He currently hold the Grierson Chair in Communication Studies at McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. In 2004 he was selected as one of fifteen "Leaders of Tomorrow" by the Partnership Group for Science and Engineering.[1] In 2007, he delivered the Hart House Lecture at the University of Toronto.[2] The lecture was entitled: One Nation Under Google: Citizenship in the Technological Republic.

In 2010, the CBC Radio "Ideas" series featured Dr. Barney on the topic: "The Origins of the Modern Public".[3]

In 2013, he wrote an article to defend McGill University reasons to award an honorary doctorate to American philosopher Judith Butler.[4]

Before the Canadian election on October 19, 2015, he co-wrote with Elyse Amend an article entitled: "Getting It Right: Canadian Conservatives and the "War on Science" in the Canadian Journal of Communication about the contempt of the Conservative government regarding Science.[5]

In terms of activism, Professor Barney is invested in the divestment from fossil fuel campaign at McGill University.[6] Divest McGill received in 2015 the Catalyst prize.[7]


Barney studied at Simon Fraser University for his bachelors' and master's degree, and the University of Toronto, where he received is Ph.D. in 1999.


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