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Dark Water Rising is a Native American group featuring an Indie rock/Blues sound. Based in Robeson County, North Carolina, they formed in 2010 and won the 2010 Native American Music Award for "Debut Duo or Group of the Year".[1] In 2011 they gained two nominations in the Aboriginal Peoples Choice Awards, Single of the Year for their song Hooked and Best Folk/Acoustic CD for their debut album Dark Water Rising.[2] The band tours regularly in North Carolina and across the east coast, and was featured on the nationally broadcast NPR show The Story with Dick Gordon.[3] Members of Dark Water Rising belong to the Lumbee and Coharie tribes of North Carolina.


Year Title
2010 Dark Water Rising
2013 Grace & Grit - Chapter 1

Band members[edit]

(Current members)

  • Charly Lowry - Lead Vocals and rhythm guitar
  • Aaron Locklear- Drums / Percussion
  • Corey Locklear - Guitar
  • Zack Hargett - Bass
  • Emily Musolino - Lead Vocals and electric guitar

(Past members)

  • Tony Murnahan - Bass and guitar
  • Shay Jones - Drums & Percussion and backing vocals
  • Ciera Dial Locklear- Keyboard and vocals
  • Brittany Jacobs- Saxophone, percussion and vocals
  • Eric Locklear- Bass guitar

Awards and nominations[edit]

  • Native American Music Awards (NAMA/NAMMYS):
            Won: • Best Inspirational Recording (2014) for "Grace and Grit Chapter I"
                 • Debut Duo or Group of the Year (2010)
            Nominated: • Single of the Year (2011) for Hometown Hero
  • Aboriginal People's Choice Awards:
    • Nominated: Single of the Year (2011) for Hooked
    • Nominated: Best Folk/Acoustic CD (2011) for Dark Water Rising


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