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Darkness into Light is an annual walking event and fundraiser held, primarily, across the island of Ireland.[1] Participants meet before dawn (4.15am) on a particular Saturday in May and walk or run for 5km to meet the sunrise.[2][3] Founded in 2009 by psychologist Joan Freeman as a fundraiser in the Phoenix Park for Pieta House suicide prevention and counselling, 400 attended the first event while the 2017 event was attended by an estimated 150,000[4][5] - 200,000[6] participants at more than 150 locations.[5] Similar events occur in Australia and New Zealand, Asia and North America.[1][4] The Taoiseach Enda Kenny attended an DIL event in Toronto in Canada during a state visit there in 2017.[6][7] The fundraising event has risen from 400 participants, an its inauguration in Dublin 2009, to over 200,000 throughout global 150 locations in 2018.[8]


The entrance fee and donations are donated to various charities across the world usually related to suicide prevention and awareness, primarily to Pieta House.


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