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Darlington Review is the local monthly newspaper for Darlington, Western Australia. Possibly one of the longest lasting community newspapers of its sort in Western Australia, commenced in 1954. Which happened to coincide with the closing of the railway passenger service through Darlington.

For a curious anecdote about the Darlington newspapers of 1954, one must read the history of Mundaring by Ken Spillman.

In the early 1950s most issues had limited editorial comment, but would include gardening notes, petrol station roster times, and community notes. Most articles were very short and advertising was limited. Also there were welcome notes to new residents who were named.

Earlier 'social gossip' about Darlington was published in The Western Mail in the 1930s, but in the Review in the 1950s gossip was sparse. Various groups and associations put in brief articles.

The Review had a preponderance of retired army Majors involved with gestetner produced editions, and the editors and logo changed fairly regularly until the long-standing editorial position of Trea Wiltshire, being the current and longest serving editor for the Review.

The Review has never been bettered for local information by outside newspapers from Mundaring, Western Australia or Midland, Western Australia, for coverage, despite letterboxing by the 'outsiders'. The review has increased advertising, and substantially with technology.

The Review is also one of the sponsors of the Darlington Arts Festival, and the Darlington Village website.


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